Circumcision is an age-old procedure that is practiced for both, religious and medical reasons. It is estimated that around 33% men are circumcised worldwide.

In this procedure, the foreskin penis skin is removed from the head of the bare organ.

One of the biggest reasons why people go for circumcision is the tight foreskin of the penis which precludes the retraction causing discomfort during sexual intercourse. It is also conducted in cases of recurrent fungal infection of the glans region, also known as balanoposthitis.

Medical research has also shown that circumcision reduces the risk of Penile Cancer, Herpes, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea. It also decreases the chances of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and thus the odds of Cervix Cancer in women. Furthermore, it is a major deterrent to contract HIV infection.

The reduced risk of all these infections can be attributed to the decreased bacterial overload on the organ and a fitter immune system. This helps in fighting off any new infection in the body. The same results can be attained by maintaining good personal hygiene. But it rests on the condition that the skin is not very tight and allows free and easy retraction.

There have been debates regarding the sexual benefits of this procedure. The biggest contentious issue is that of decreased male sensations and increased duration of ejaculation, which helps in cases of premature ejaculation. Studies have shown that the ejaculation period has increased up to ten times in some patients.

The visual results of circumcision are based on two factors – personal preferences and biases. Bloodless circumcision is made possible with the new Stapler Devices. These devices result in much-improved outcomes by reducing the intraoperative and post-operative pain, surgical blood loss and duration of the surgery. Most of the Stapler Devices are CE certified and their benefits are making them a common tool in the surgery.

There are some myths associated with circumcision. One of those is that circumcision leads to loss of penile strength or erectile dysfunction. Also, it needs to be noted that creams are not an alternative to circumcision in adults.

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