High blood pressure, stress, anxiety, high blood sugar, etc. are reasons of heart problems. But, you often forget that these are the key elements for kidney ailments too. Kidneys are one of the crucial parts of human body which remove waste and toxins from the body and keep it clean and healthy. If it’s functioning are hampered, you can suffer from several serious problems. So, check out how to take care of your kidneys-

Stay Fit and Active 

You must have seen several celebrities, taking part different programs for kidney health awareness. Once you stay active, your blood pressure level remains under control. Thus, you can keep the risk of kidney damage at the bay.

Don’t Over-hydrate 

So far, you have been told to drink much water to take care of your kidney. Staying hydrated is must but overdoing is not the right thing. Experts say that drinking more than 6 glasses of water can hamper kidney function.

Keep Your Blood Sugar under Control 

We all have known how diabetes affects several body parts. Therefore, diabetic patients should always keep their blood sugar under control and go for regular sugar check up to keep kidneys healthy.

Moderate Eating Habits 

Your diet should include food items which don’t affect your blood sugar and pressure level. Also, if you eat properly, you won’t get overweight which is very important to keep your kidneys fit.

Quit Smoking 

This is a standing advice for any healthy regimes. When you smoke, the fume enters into your blood and hampers blood circulation. When your kidneys get lesser blood, it functions are impeded. You will also be shocked to know that smoking increases the chance of kidney cancer up to 50%.

Reduce Salt Intake 

You should not exceed the limit of having salt more than 6 grams per day. To avoid sodium intake, you should quit having processed foods as those contain enough amounts of concentrated salt. Try to have fresh veggies where you need little salt to get the taste.

Go for Regular Kidney Function Screening 

If you are suffering from high blood pressure or sugar, you should go for kidney function screening, prescribed by your physicians. If you are already suffering from any kidney infection, you should be more careful.

These are the simple ways to keep your kidneys at good condition. Leading a healthy life is very easy if you try to maintain a good lifestyle.