Simple cysts are the most common cystic lesions found in the human kidney. They are usually oval to round, may be solitary or multiple, one side or both sides, and are filled with clear fluid.

They are not connected to any part of the kidney. Though simple renal cysts can be seen anytime in life; they are seldom seen in children. In adults, simple cysts are seen increasingly more frequently with age. The frequency rises with age, with an incidence of 20% by age 40 years and as high as 50% after age 60 years. They may or may not increase in size with time. But the number of cysts can increase. There is no gender predilection.

Clinical Features

  • Cysts rarely call attention to themselves, other than the fact that they are cause of anxiety to the patients. Most commonly they are discovered incidentally on ultrasonography, CT, or other imaging modalities.
  • Very occasionally, cysts can be symptomatic and may require treatment. Some of the symptoms can be abdominal mass or pain, bleeding in urine and very rarely hypertension.
  • Rarely, cysts can cause kidney obstruction as well.
  • If there is any doubt of the cysts being anything more than simple, your Urologist will ask for further Imaging and further classify the type of cyst to give you a detailed answer.

Don’t worry, talk to your Urologist, he will help you understand.